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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lazy Day

I've been thinking about the time when I could just do anything i want without thought of anyone.  Those were the days when i could to stay inside my room the whole day, go out only when i eat.  I remember, I could just read the whole day away or write in my journal or clean up.  Now, my free time is not my own.  Not that I am complaining because, I wouldn't want to exchange now for then.  My children can dominate my freetime for all i care.  Still, it would be nice to laze an extra hour on bed.

Anyway, i thought i wouldn't get tired gardening.  It seems, I have.  I still dabble but i don't think it's something that i am passionate about.  Still thinking of cultivating and propagating roses but there's just some other things that are more important.  But I'm not gonna let my plants left to rot.  At the very least, they will continue to thrive that I'm going to make sure.

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