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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

40 and Fabulous

It's not everyday that you get to turn the big 40 and so i took the day off from work. Well, not exactly the whole day because i did went to the Assesor's office at makati city hall, gah but that's another post.

So I attended the 6 o'clock mass as was my birthday tradition eversince and got singularly blessed because Father Roy asked if there is someone who is celebrating their birthday that day and only i was raising my hand. I walked all the way from the back pew to the front to be blessed and got a round of applause from all the other church-goers. I chose to think that God made that for me because I was secretly hoping that the hubster would atleast give me flowers to surprise me or whatever never mind that he's million of miles away working on a ship drifting at sea. I suppose, it never came to his mind to surprise me knowing it's my 40th and all. But then that is not cause for despair and i chose instead to treasure his message to me. Be that as it may, i resolve to look at the brighter side of things now.

These 40 something celebrities like gwyneth paltrow and jennifer aniston inspire me to also take concrete steps to be fabulous. I declare that I will be a better and sexier version of me now. He he kidding aside, looking good also makes me feel good. Now is the time that i will make use of make up to my advantage, the barely there type that is. Choose outfits carefully which accentuates my best features and hides the flabbies. He he. And it is now the time to work on regularizing any physical fitness that i can think of. At the very least, i need to shed off 5 pounds.

Beyond that, God is simply amazing. When i looked back and contemplate on what i went through, there is nothing but gratefulness in my heart in God for the people in my life, my family mostly the husband and my three pretty daughters, my parents and aunt, my sisters. I was never big with friends but with the little that i have, these are the nicest set of friends anyone can ask for. It helped a lot that i get to work with nice people too. Next to people, i'd say I am fortunate that i have work and work that i actually enjoy never mind the fact that it involves accounting for money that is not my own. And answered prayer requests ranging from good health to pacifying inner demons to everything in-between that makes life interesting. So, i am really just thankful. To God.

It is true that when you take everything as if it is a miracle rather than part of everyday routine, you'll have a more sense of calm and awe. Well, there are days when the blues come a-visiting but largely for the most part, it is up to you how you take things. This mindset will probably help me on the road to a more fabulous life.

So anyway, people say 40 is the new 30. I think that is true. I find grey hairs every now and then but i don't feel old at all. Perhaps old is just a mindset no?Madonna doesn't look like she's aging. Demi Moore also. These are the pop icons of my youth and so i naturally admire them for cultivating the youthful attitude. I hope, i do not sound vain or that i put too much emphasis on the physical. Not at all. I am only blabbing on something that has taken a backseat before. I was never that concern for physical appearances and so now,i'm just saying it also helps if you're look good and fit.

That said, i say yes to a more fabulous life.

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