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Thursday, October 6, 2011

40 Dream Destinations

I'm sort of in a roll to write today and for sometime now i have been thinking of writing a piece on the places I would like for me and my family to go to. Originally, i thought of it as places to go before turning forty but well, oppurtunity and money wise, it wasn't possible. So instead, the following places are the ones I would like to visit together with my family(eventhough some of those i already visited myself) after all it would only be half as much fun if i do visit these places alone.

1. Rome, Italy

2. France

3. London, UK

4. Spain

5. Palawan, Philippines

6. New York, USA

7. Washington DC,USA

8. Seoul,South Korea

9. Tokyo, Japan

10. Thailand

11. Hongkong

12. Singapore

13. Scotland

14. San Francisco, California

15. Los Angeles, California

16. Washington State

17. Incheon, South Korea

18. Nice, France

19. Malaysia

20. Copenhagen, Denmark

21. Germany

22. Taj mahal, india

23. Ho chi minh, Vietnam

24. Boracay

25. Iloilo

26. Camiguin

27. Cebu

28. Bohol

29. Disneyland, anywhere

30. Florida

31. Davao

32. Thailand

33. Dubai

34. Grand Canyon (USA)

35. Niagara Falls, Canada

36. Australia

37. Amsterdam

38. Great Wall, China

39. Rio de janeiro, Brazil

40. Las Vegas

My basis for choosing each of those places are arbitrary. Some of those i have included are infact world famous destinations while others are settings of novels i have read. I am already exciting to embark on our first place on my list!

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