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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lets Face It

I had a whole body massage at Let's Face It - SM Megamall for an hour which costs 560. I specifically asked the therapist to use only soft massage since i've been feeling pain on my right ribcage or somewhere there for sometime now. I prefer aromatic oils to lotion and i didn't bother to ask what the oil was coz i liked it anyway. It seemed like a combination of lavender and peppermint. The massage is good but i would have liked it if she concentrated more on the upper back and the shoulders. Perhaps, i should have extended the session just for the hands. I specially liked the 3 rolls of hot towels they give at the end of the massage since i used them for hot compress on my feet and hands.

It is expensive compared to massages offered outside of malls. Hanuel Spa located at acacia lane in mandaluyong offers body massage at 250 only inclusive of shower and sauna. Am just not sure though if they change beddings after every massage. Maybe they do, yet the last time i went there i felt itchy. Also, Asian Massage offers the same service whether in their various branches or at home at the same cost 250. But the last time i called them up there was no reply, hence.

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