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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Always at a cost

I've been thinking about how fortunate we are to have found this place we have now that we call home. Fortunate in the sense that we found a place that's right within Metro Manila, in Makati nonetheless where residents have better benefits in comparison, the cost of which is within our budget, and there is ample space for a garden. For those of us who have been living in the city, we always appreciate space because it's an expensive commodity. Of course, if you are super rich it would not be a problem. Infact, nothing would be a problem if you have the money. But to us who belongs to the working class who depends on loans to be able to acquire properties, it is terribly difficult to find such a place. One could buy properties in the outskirts of metro manila with sufficient frontyard for a garden at a price we could consider affordable.

So anyway, you'd ask at what cost? Let me just say with a lot of headaches. We didn't know it would be this hard to purchase a property the title of which has not yet been transferred to the heirs. We are still working on it now and it is still giving us headaches since the bank is taking it's time releasing the Proceeds of the loan. But i refuse to let it affect me. I can always pray.

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