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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Murder of Mila Dumaguit

I was at Makati City Hall yesterday to process much-needed documents and so i personally witness the place a-buzzed with the death by ambush of asst. Administrator(?) of makati social welfare department. Whatever department you go to, there were groups of 3 or 4 huddled in the corner or in someone else's desks talking in hushed tone about the incident. The noon time mass was offered for her soul and the safety of her driver who was said to be still alive but in critical condition.

Indeed, there are many reasons that will drive a man to kill but in her case what could it be? Why kill a 52 year old woman who is not even the head of a department? I heard snippets of conversations yesterday about possible motives which probably why am writing about it now. A case of wanting to immitate murder she wrote but failing miserably. News stories about her fail to write if she left a husband and children or any family she had. It is time, news should be comprehensive in its reporting.

Whatever the reason, i do hope that she gets the justice due her and may she still rest in peace.

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