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Monday, January 23, 2012

Bolinao, Pangasinan

Woke up at 4 am today in a different but welcomed sorroundings. Several specks of light dotted off the coast off Bolinao. Fishermen! We've rented two airconditioned cottages at Patar, a sleepy barangay of Bolinao, Pangasinan. As a seasoned spur-of-the-moment local tourist, we try to stay away from known and established beach resorts for two reasons: Cost and the joy in discovering something new and beautiful that we can share to others.

We left Manila after lunch and reached Bolinao around 6 pm. We drove to the the Nabi side but the husband decided that the other side of the coast has the more beautiful beaches. Apparently, sometime in his earlier seafaring days touring Asia, they would pass by This side of Bolinao on their way to Singapore. I can just imagine the inner sense of fulfillment he had upon reaching this place when before He was just on a ship looking on this strip of sandy beaches dotted with low lying coconut trees.

We rented the 2 cottages for only 4,500. The cottage occupied by the Insigne family has twin beds wide enough for the couple and their 2 girls. Our cottage is bigger since it has three wide bamboo beds. The husband and i along wit maggie occupied the leftmost bed, the one on the center was claimed by Aj and Abby, the remaining bed by my auntie Net with Yaya annielyn. We asked for an extra bed for The hubster's nephew who also cane along with us.

The rooms are tiled, so they were easy to clean and maintain. We didn't expect that we were cooking so we didnt bring tools with us. Not to worry though because the caretaker lent us theirs so all we needed are the produce to cook for. We went to a little store 3 kilometers away just before the bridge going to Patar. That little store almost have anything we wanted for a cook-out meal. The ice, kerosene and rice we bought at a bigger store just after the bridge.

Dinner consisted of fried yellow fin tuna, tinolang yellow fin tuna, and lechon paksiw. The men had beers while us girls tested Arbor Mists' blackberry. It really is nice sharing meals with friends and family. I am deeply thankful God for this immeasurable blessing. Thankful as well for blessings past and yet to come.

So am gonna post some of the photos taken soon.

Here's the address:

Liberty Beach Resort
Ilog malino, Patar
Bolinao, Pangasinan
Mobile no.09286153017

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