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Monday, January 23, 2012

Where Art Thou O Pain Reliever

I may have pinched nerve or muscle again on my right shoulder. It is giving me soreness and pain. I over-exerted on the Wii without any stretching. Who would have thought i get this from playing Wii? Well, here's a thought for me: stretch before every physical activity that requires a bit of force. Even sex, I suppose.

So, am back to applying salonpas patch on my sore muscles. I suppose, i will have to buy a liniment or something to somehow ease the pain. I have discontinued buying efficascent for sometime since it is no longer safe for it to be around in our household, methyl salicylate being poison. Maggie has taken to opening small bottles she can get her hands on and although we try to put everything out of reach from her, you can never be too careful with toddlers.

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