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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Save at Enchanted Kingdom..

So this should have been the post before the hot air balloon since we went the saturday before the hot air balloon event but well, let's not nitpick. Or me not.

Our youngest sis Bing and her friends were the ones going and we didn't have any plans of going along with them there since the husband has a training to go to. He said that we should and that i should be the one to take the vehicle since he was going to be stucked in training the whole day anyway. I was both excited and apprehensive. Excited because I am finally going to be able to drive on the Slex on my own!!!

So we actually went early around 8am and Slex was a breeze to drive through in the early morning, no traffic at all southbound.

My realizations inside Enchanted Kingdom: it's way too expensive not to bring your own food. I mean, if we had planned it ahead of time i will certaily bring lunch and coolers and leave it at the car. If it's time to eat we could just go out and eat inside the car. Water bottles are allowed inside so that at least is enough savings. Really, for a budget conscious family to have fun at enchanted i say bring your own food and eat at your car. I saw lots doing it.

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