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Friday, March 16, 2012

Battle With the Bulge

The other day, when i went to STI-Delos Santos Megaclinic for a papsmear i spotted the platform scale vacant so i weighed myself.  I gained a pound more at 126.  Yesterday when I was having my hear treated at Reyes Hair Center, I was dismayed by the bulges in my tummy.  It's more like inches now.

I do get the idea that weight loss can only happen when you refrain from eating more than the usual and increase in physical activity.  It has been in my goal list to at be at my pre-pregnancy weight at 115 lbs. Partly to blame is my laziness.  I bought a wii sports but i seldom use it. And i have been eating too many chocolates these past weeks. I mean , I am not complaining. I'm just writing out loud the things that are helping me gain weight. I think eating is not the problem.  It's the lack of physical activity that's really more of the factor.

So, I am setting this publicly that my weight goal is to be at 115 lbs.  To achieve that, I will need to
  • use the wii, saturdays and sundays for at least an hour
  • register at least 4,000 steps on my pedometer daily
  • cut back on my chocolate consumption atleast, only twice a month
  • drink lots of water instead of juice
  • no more carbonated sodas
I really hope this will work.

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