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Friday, March 30, 2012

I get sentimental

Waking up early, always gets me thinking about things. My three girls are still asleep. Looking at them sleeping soundly fills my heart with so much peace and thankfulness to You God. And then, swift as a deer my thoughts shifted to the future. My children are still young and so they still listen to me. Later on when they are already grown up they will learn to assert themselves, make decisions on their own, make choices that may not coincide with my idea of what's best for them. It is overwhelming.

So my prayer is that may God help me and the husband raise our children well. May we raise them with values of goodness, persistence, industry, a strong faith in God Almighty. May we also be able to impart to them and mold them how to stand by their principles.

It is overwhelming. But then again, prayer helps.


  1. your keeping a wonderful blog madame, :DDD

  2. Ypur keeping a wonderful blog madame :DDD

    Iam also a Filipino and Iam following you in facebook

    Thankyou for these :DD

  3. Thank you. I didn't think it would interest others outside of my family. But you write beautifully too ! I added you to my rss feeds. :)