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Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's Face It!

I will never be a beauty. Certainly, i could go to treatment salons and undergo those expensive treatments but even after all those things, i'd still be me physically. Well, my face would probably be a little bit fairer with less pimple scars or that my over all akin toned will become whiter.

I will never be able to eclipse someone born beautiful with all these beauty treatments. Still, i have to try. No, not eclipse them. But i need to try to bring out whatever best feature in me physically. You could say that's a bit shallow. And it probably is. But it's no longer enough for me to be comfortable with what i have. And it isn't a crime to improve yourself. As to what limit of improvement, you can do for yourself that is up to you.

Let's face it is a cheaper alternative. Facial Care Centre would have been my choice but it is very expensive. I don't know about Belo. So yes, i'l probably give Belo a try one of these days.

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