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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Musical Fountain Show @ Manila Ocean Park

We really enjoyed the musical fountain show at Manila Ocean Park tonight. I saw the promo at metrodeal which sells the 30-minute spectacular of lights, sounds, water fountain and fireworks for only Php 150 per head. Since my parents and siblings were coming to manila in july, this would be a good show for them and for the kids. I actually was lining up on activities for them to go to so that their time here won't be spent entirely at home.

We actually left home about 3:30 pm just to give allowance for traffic. Indeed, when we were at the southdrive of tm kalaw for the entrance to the park, we were stuck for a time. Somebody told us to just go in through the Manila Hotel entrance. Even there, it still took us sometime because there was a nationwide gathering of couples for Christ.

Anyway, we were allowed to get onside the viewing area around 6:30 pm already and were quite pleasantly surprised that everyone of us who watched the show was given a raincoat.

I won't spoil everything by giving you a minute by minute account of the show but let me just assure you that it will be fun in a simple, unexpected kind of way.

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