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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Lesson In Plumbing

Woke up to the sound of water gushing out from our CR's water pipe. It turned out, the faucet was ripped off from the pipe due to the strong water pressure.

I knew that we had a leak somewhere and i particularly know that there is a minor leak in that faucet. When our water bill reached 10k this month, i asked our neighborhood plumber to do a re-piping from the MW line to our house and paid him 3.5k just for that while materials cost about 5k in all.

For the life of me, i didn't think of having the leak inside the bathroom repaired when i see it day after day. I just ignored it. Normally, i could always deduce well. A small leak now could burst any minute over time but i didn't think that way. I should have addressed it while i still could. I still could address the plumbing problems even now that it burst.

As it is in plumbing, so it is in real life. I wonder if the leaks or 'problems' that we have has been tightly addressed.

How does one correct someone who has a serious morality issue? What does one say to somebody who knows that what he is doing is wrong and yet he still plotted and planned until he achieved it? Is it even up to you to punish that person? And how do you punish that person without compromising your own moral values?

As a parent of three girls, i wonder at night if I am raising them correctly with all the proper values that will guide them later in life. I see lots of misguided young women today and women of my generation without a strong set of values. For the sake of small trinkets or even in the name of 'love', they enter into relationships with married men and even justify it. How were they raised? I'd like to know because i do not want to raise my daughters like that.

As for me and my sisters, i'd like to say that my parents trained us well. But i can't recall a single defining moment to become who we are now. I do remember that we constantly go to church every sunday without fail as a family. Sure, they were not perfect and we all have our own issues but i'd like to think that values wise and morality wise, we are properly anchored. It could not have been that i was not tempted. It's probably because i look incorruptible or that i stay away from sticky situations before it becomes one.

Could i be addressing this particular leak in my life just in time? Correctly even?

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