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Monday, July 23, 2012

Some Nights..

Some days i sleep peacefully, other days 3 hours is good enough. Sometimes, it's a full bladder that wakes me up. Sometimes, it's a dream so real it leaves me thinking all night. Some of the times, i think of the past and how it has hurt me. Then anger builds up and it would affect me negatively through out the day if my sane self would not butt in and positivize me.

Other times, thoughts of the future keeps me awake. Most times, it's just me lacking physical activity during the day. I certainly don't think that it is my conscience that's keeping me awake all night. I haven't done anything wrong to anybody or anyone that deserves a sleepless night. In fact i knew of someone who does a friend wrong with the most hurtful betrayal and yet sleeps like a baby. So no, i don't think
conscience has to do with it. Actually, i am sleepy already but i just ate andfor hyperacidic like me, it wouldn't do good to lie down immediately after eating. In the meantime, i will blog.

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