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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tale of A Married Woman Who Cheated.

For starters, I am not that woman. But i do know of a married woman who has been cheating on her husband for more than two years. She looks very conservative on the outside and very shy in fact but when she was being wooed by an equally married man, she surrendered to temptation and even develop an appetite for it finding it easy to lie to the husband, friends and family alike. She even orchestrated to tie the guy to her by claiming that her youngest is his. She cemented the relationship by sending love messages to the guy. If you see her, you wouldn't even think that she is capable of saying all the things that she said to the guy in their messages to each other.

When she was caught by her husband, she promised never to do it again but she persisted in sending messages to the other guy. Lots of married women who are like that.

All that for what? For missing out on sex? For not having the courage to tell her husband that she too has needs of her own and that she wants sex on a regular basis? That she has too much pride to ask her husband for physical intimacy yet shameless in getting into a relationship with another married guy?

Perhaps if she possessed more self control and discipline and values rooted in integrity, honesty and loyalty and really a deeper concept of what is morally right and wrong, she could have resisted. But judging from what she said, she blamed the other guy for courting her when he knew that she is already married. She pointed an accusing finger to the man she claimed to illicitly love rather than accept the fact that she's as much to blame maybe even more so for having an affair.

Honestly, how can you have sympathy for someone like that? And knowing that you presented yourself as very respectable and shy, how can you face your officemates knowing that they are talking about you behind your back? How can you face your daughters? Well, i was told by her husband that she comes from a family which is just like her. How can you face everyone who knows you?

Which leads me to ask the question: how to raise daughters with strong moral values that will protect them from people who will use love and money to lure them into a life of promiscuity?

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