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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Intuition and Dreams

Long time ago, i read somewhere that when you dream of a clear glass or any body of water, it means you will cry or you will discover something that will make you cry. There were several instances in the past that it came true for me. Well, perhaps it's coincidental because as life holds equal parts of laughter and tears right, whoever you maybe? Anyway what i was getting on was that every time i dreamt of water, i would be obsessing with the details as to was the water clear or not. Just like now.

I woke up to the ending strains of moonriver in my iPod. As with all dreams, the parts are hazy but one thing that i clearly remember is that we were in a place that overlooks a beautiful white beach at a distance. We weren't on vacation but since the beach was accessible, i thought maybe we could have our picture taken there taking a dip. And there's this couple of guys who where shovelling fist-size stones in our way which delayed us a bit. I assumed that my kids were with me. When we're already there, suddenly it's no longer the white sparkly beach that i saw at a distance but that we were hopping on swamps and there were patches of clear water but with dark things underneath like the ones you see on shore on low tide but this one is like no longer a sea anymore. I woke up, bothered. The last time, i dreamt about something That came true it was not hidden in symbolism but rather as straightforward facts.

Perhaps because i was bothered by certain facts that i have no way of verifying. I certainly hope the dream doesn't mean that i'll have something to cry about in the next few days. Crossing my fingers.

And then i went back to sleep and once again i dreamt that i was looking at man on sea riding on a raft and big waves seeming to come. The scene change and it is in Iligan with me washing a baby elephant from a tub of water. Suddenly, the tub disappear and i washed the baby elephant from a makeshift tub made of old tires. I saw the frontyard flooded but the fortuner was parked on my side where theres no floodwater. Another car that of my officemate was flooded but still it was able to run to parked at the other side. So, what's this? Crossing my finger it doesnt mean anything bad.

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