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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Trouble With Sky Broadband

I have been a Sun broadband subscriber for more than a year now and while for the most part, I was satisfied with the service when it comes to chatting on skype or on yahoo or on facebook, it leaves much to be desired.  If you can't chat with your loved ones abroad because you get the message " Your internet connection is too slow" or that you always appear offline to them, what good does your internet connection do? If that is the main reason for having an internet subscription and you don't get it then I suppose, you just have to find other provider right? By the way, my sun broadband plan was the monthly Php 799.00

So I applied online for PLDT MyDsl but they took so long to get back to me that I get tired of waiting and applied for Sky Broadband instead.  I only have to call them once and they immediately had me upgraded my cable digital box to hd free and installed internet the day after. Everytime, i have a concern concerning my sky cable subscription, the response is immediate.  My subscription with Sky was for my cable to be upgraded to Php 499 per month from Php 280 previously while my internet is for multiple users, downloads and media streaming.  I expected it to be loads better with my sun subscription.  I can't yet make a comparison since, i have been unable to download movies from isohunt since transferring to Sky although skype signal is a lot much better.

However, 2nd week of August was the week of typhoons and thunderstorms and apparently many were affected.  The skycable modem that came with my subscription lost power. As in there is no light in the power indicator, nada. The same happened with our Pioneer Media Player which is another story.  Anyway, when i called up Sky they got back to me only after the 4th day and replaced me with another modem.  That was saturday evening when i had wifi. My desktop connected to dsl has no internet because apparently the lan card was among the casualty of the power surge which most in our area complained. When i bought a lan card, i can't connect anymore to the internet. I called up Sky cable maybe twice and both times, I was entertained by guys CSR who just told me to do a reset which i already did several times, and when i got back on the phone with them only to find that they already put the phone down. I was told that somebody will come by our house in the morrow if the system is not yet fixed but evening came and nobody came. So i called up sky again and this time, I was referred to a woman csr who if i'm not mistaken was named Angie or sounds about the same. She listened patiently to my complaint, did troubleshooting step-by-step, waited for me to finished doing the instructions on my pc which is in my bedroom while our telephone was in our living room and never put the phone down.  In fact when she told me to restart the pc, modem and router, and to wait for the pc to stabilize before connecting the others, i asked her "should i just call back later when everything's reset already?" She said, she'll wait until everything is done.  Kudos to her! I mean really.  If she's not yet the head of Sky CSR, she should be. And others should learn from her.

But that doesn't mean, my internet is back to normal. I'm still wifi-less, so i still have to slay that dragon or help someone who will do it for me.

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