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Friday, August 7, 2009

Home Massage and Dreams...

Yesterday afternoon, i requested for a massage therapist at Asian Massage over Yahoo Messenger to go to the house around 8pm. She was not on time but their receptionist called ahead of time to inform me that they were already out but will be late due to traffic. When i opened the gate, there she was indeed already at the gate waving goodbye to their service.

Her name was Anna and she has gentle hands. I would have been thoroughly relaxed if not for the kids being so noisy asking me questions why Anna was there, is my back aching again, why am not dressed. She was just silent the whole time and very professional about it which i like. I don't want therapist who talks to much except to ask about the pressure.

Anyway, when an hour has passed i gave her a late night snack of goldilocks cake and del monte fit and rite. She waited for a little while at the living room but she said she will just wait by the gate. Their service vehicle was probably near already.

Anyway, i took iterax 10mg as prescribed by my doctor and proceeded to sleep. The kids sleep on their bed but sometime during the night, in moments of wakefulness, i felt that somebody was leading abby and help her climbed on the bed. Abby lay down on my upper thighs and then later on inched up to my armpit them embraced. It's seem like the Lady of Lourdes was guiding a crying Abby to sleep at my side. Not sure if it's a dream or it was just the curtain moving which felt like a dress illuminated by the street lamp outside. I was already awake by the time Abby embraced me. A few minutes after that, Aj climbed the bed next and laid at my right side. Hubby who fell asleep in their bed while watching tv was alone.

Anyway, I have started to attend the Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help every wednesday since May of this year. And God has heard my prayer, i believe through her help.It's just this week that i haven't because it was raining the whole day and i just stayed inside the house and later at night , i totally forgot about it. Somehow, i really feel that i am relieved every time that i get to attend the eucharist and the novena. Perhaps, it is also a good idea to do the rosary everyday to ease up on the stress as inspired by President Cory. I really think, prayers has helped in the transition of living in the big city.

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