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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Free Trip To Boracay

I just got a call from somebody said to be a representative of Balai Isabel, a resort from Batangas saying that i won a trip to Boracay. Yesterday, when i attended the Expo at SM Mega-mall, i visited a booth about cocoproducts and somehow i filled up a raffle ticket. I will have to check this out with DTI. Anyway, somebody called me up to inform me that all i need to do is to meet them Tuesday for a free dinner and awarding of the ticket. I have to be their with my husband. What's the catch ?hmmnn. They said that we don't have to bring any cash and it's not transferable and it expires in 6 months.

i don't know, i just don't feel very excited. Probably because, i still don't know what's the catch. I also won a 2-year free computer scholarship from cocolife. They said, I am not under any obligation to purchase anything but when i get at the Rufino Tower to claim my certificate, I was forced to listen to their sales talk to buy insurance policy from them using my credit card. It's a good thing, i still get the certificate. I have been wanting to give it to the yaya Mary of my kids but she opted to go home. If my new yaya perseveres, i will give it to her.

I'll update this blog, if the free trip to Boracay is indeed true.


  1. We received a call too saying that we won. Did you avail of the free trip to Bora? Let me know your experience. Tomorrow is our schedule to visit Balai's office.

  2. is it true? how can we get this free trip to boracay???

    Tanya Gemarin

  3. Sorry guys! I didn't receive any email notifications that there were comments on my blog and i wasn't able to get back to you.

    It's actually now that i know of these comments. About the free boracay trip, i didn't go there. I think they will just sell me memberships to their clubs and i didn't want that.