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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Heart and Other Scents

I guess I didn't mention here that my youngest sister Bing gave me Clinique Happy Heart Perfume(3.4 fl. oz). I have been wearing it ever since my Estee Lauder Exotic Pleasures Perfume (5ml) was spent. I am really not the type to change fragrances every now and then, not also in the habit of window shopping for fragrances. But, occasionally i do visit The Body Shop just to see what are their latest product offerings. On my wishlist is their range on beauty/sleep-aid products particularly the nighttime lotion which according to them promotes sleep. It's not that i can't sleep, it's just that i sleep late and sometimes i wake-up at the slightest sound but i do get to sleep.

The other week also i bought watson's latest offering the orange expoliating body wash. I have been using it only on weekends so i don't notice any noticeable difference. Anyway, i like the change from my usual johnsons bathsoap. All of us uses the Johnsons bath soap now, which i purchase on promo. Before that, we have been using the white mild soap from Ivory.

Yesterday, i bought a candle burner and chamomille essential oil for our home. It's a pretty relaxing scent but i may have put too many drops that's why i thought it was overpowering. But it's a good thing, rather than buying commercial air freshener. I have been wanting to buy that but the ones i found at The Body Shop were way too expensive, even those i found at Crossings at Shang-rila. Luckily, i visited the Expo at the 5th Level of SM Mega-Mall yesterday and bought a charmer at P150. I am thinking, scents have a way of lifting our moods up, giving our senses pleasures. They are good gift materials, what do you think?

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