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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Damned if she does, damned if she doesn't..

It must be very difficult for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo now. Being faced with the allegations that she pulled out the security detail of the very popular President Cory Aquino. Although she did proclaim a 10-day period of mourning, and declared the day of burial as a special holiday and even offered a state funeral, that doesn't seem to be enough for the family. For the most part, it is understandable for the family to get hurt over something like that. But other people outside of the family shouldn't make it a big issue debating it over national television, rehashing the topic on air, it does not help bring about a conciliatory air.

I doubt if it mattered to President Cory. She wants peace for our land, for everyone. Why do we as a people continue to fuel small fires of enmity? I have no affection for President GMA but there is indeed some truth to her SONA. She has never said that she will stay beyond her term. I maybe naive but i think that is the reason why her political enemies are nailing her to the cross. Why can't we believe her and wait until 2010 if she really wants to remain in power? In the meantime, allow her to do her work in peace. If she wants to go to the wake, let her be. Even if she gets snubbed, she's another strong woman. Anyway, it is between her and God. We are only human. I am not saying it as an excuse but a reminder of our reality. We do things that may have hurt others but it doesn't mean that we are completely heartless. I really don't think President GMA is evil. Here is another wife and mother who wants to pay her last respects to another wife and mother. They may differ in so many things, see differently in so many issues, but both are presidents, wives, mothers. President GMA can't help but make it personal when President Cory called on her to resign. The wound is still fresh. The Aquino's battle with the Marcoses is entirely a different matter. Time has passed, the Aquino had already a taste of power when they ended the power of the Marcoses. So in a way, they were even already. The conflict of the Aquino and the Arroyos is fairly recent, the wound is still fresh.

Not everyone could be saint but President Cory is close to being one according to testimonies about her. I do not doubt its truth. President GMA is not a saint, i do not know if she aspires to be one. She is feisty though, and that maybe the exact quality that her administration needs. Let her do what she wants to do. In the end, in the silence of her room, it is between her and God.

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