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Monday, August 10, 2009

Lesson for us all...

Yesterday, we were going to go to Binangonan, Rizal because hubby was invited by a colleague to become godfather to his child's baptismal. We were really in high spirits because we have not yet been there. On our way, we went to Sta. Ana to fetch an officemate. We were going through makati since hubby decided it is faster that way. There was this road in which one side was under construction which at the end has a traffic light, i think it is sta cruz. When the light went green hubby stepped a bit hard on the gas pedal, just when a crv came out of the left gate of bgy. bel air towards the right gate. There is no way that hubby could step on the brake hard without slamming the kids onto the dashboard,and he couldn't go towards the left because a motorcycle was trying to overtake him. It would have meant the bike rider would go under because he would surely be hit. So instead, we hit the back portion of the 2009 edition crv and the right side of our vehicle was damaged.The kids were still slammed on the dashboard. I tried vainly to hold on to them but it was just too fast, aj hit her face and abby her chest.

We went to makati med emergency room to have the kids checked and spent a total of 5,064 for all the xrays,etc. There's a lesson for me there: no kids in the front seat anymore. And i will buy car seat for the kids. As for hubby, I'm not sure what his lesson was but i did say to him that "walay kumo sa maghinay". A lesson also in humility, probably. The owner of the crv was rich of course since he was a resident of barangay bel-air. It was actually his driver who drove the crv without looking to his right if there are oncoming cars. Just after the incident abby asked her daddy if he doesn't know how to drive. We just looked at each other and i smiled when he said yes.ha ha ha a lesson in humility, indeed. Let me just say, that even though hubby drives fast he is always careful and focused

I am just thankful to God that all of us got out of the accident ok. Well, there are bills to pay and we may have to dig deep into our pockets but it could have been worse.

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