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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Field Trip for Kindergarten Pupils in Calamba, Laguna

Last August 11,2009 the kindergarten pupils together with parents and caregivers, went on an educational trip to Calamba, Laguna. The School said the activity will further their aim in helping the kids acquire greater awareness and appreciation of the world around by way of outdoor activities. The trip include on-board and on-site lectures, plant visit to Gardenia, story-telling and group games which hopefully will enrich their learnings about history, math and science by farm animal's interactions, plant and animal life identification and art activities.

The bus was scheduled to leave by 6 am. But as usual, i really don't know why we as a people won't make it on time. Going to calamba, laguna is a breeze but when we alighted from the bus and toured Rizal's ancestral house, the sun was up and aj was already restless. The bus airconditioning unit can't cope with the heat and most of us were uncomfortable. I really would not recommend field trip to kinder students, probably grade six pupils only. If you want to expose them to animals there's the manila zoo which is much nearer and have diverse animal in their care. And the plant tour with Gardenia was much worse. It was like we were put on an oven. I would have backed out if not for the fact that they said it would only take 7 minutes. Honestly, i did not bother looking on at the processes nor explain it to aj, all i wanted was to get out of there.
But i have to say hats off to the outbound educators of JRU for the activities they provided. I just don't think the kids benefited much as when they went to manila zoo instead.

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