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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Salon moment for mom and abby

I am not a vain person but i do enjoy having myself pampered from time to time. It's one way of keeping the stress to a minimum. One find saturday morning, i decided to have my hair treated at a nearby beauty parlor, and i decided to bring abby since she asked if she could come. Of my two kids, abby is more like me. She likes to go with me wherever i want to go, Aj is content to be left at the house and watch tv so long as i tell her where i will be. She also admonishes me to go home early. God is my refuge and He is giving me Aj as my strength and Abby, my comfort. I figured a hot oil treatment for abby hair will be good for her itchy scalp.

I bought her food to munch on while our hair is being treated. I actually had this same experience with AJ when she was also of the same age as abby. I recommend it to all moms and young toddler girls.

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