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Thursday, December 17, 2009

M here at makati med for my follow up chk w/ my took more than an hr frm mandaluyong.on my own,4d 1st tym i took d jp to mrt-shaw,mrt-ayala,taxi to mmc.i seem 2b always d doctor,to gv birth,4 hubby.dont sm 2 hv a life of my own.not complainin.jst stating a fact.if i hv a car,i wud b more mobile,taking more out-of-town trips w/ my children.i do feel dat hubby has a life of his own and he rather spend d holidays w/ other people.its a constant thorn n our marriage.i stopd telling him what shud supplications hv fallen on deaf ears.its not a life dat i want.i want him to stay bcoz he loves me and do all these things i want coz it wil make me happy.i want a family dat sticks together bcoz of d love dat we hv 4 each other.i love him stil.sadly,i dont hear d words anymore nor do i feel d love. Que sera sera

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  1. hang in there'll all be ok,you'll see - twisted sunshine