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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Manila Executive Regency

We visited our new condo unit at manila turned-over to us yesterday. The swimming pool is particularly inviting. Our unit overlooks the manila skyline. Ours is just a studio type with a balcony. We are thinking of renting it out to friends and acquaintances who are vacationing in manila or have some business here. Students and reviewers are also welcome. We will be buying furnitures over the next few days to furnish the condo unit.


  1. Hi! Is this unit available for rent? How much? Thank you!

  2. hi..i've emailed it to you. it's really a nice and convenient place if you're familiar with the area. It's already furnished din kasi, but if you want to take at look just msg me here or at my email. thanks

  3. Oh no, it might have ended up in the spam folder. :S Please email me again at Thank you very much! Happy new year!