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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

About being heard...

There is a need for each one of us to be heard no matter how trivial our concerns to others may be.  If we are listened to even if initially our concerns are not immediately realized, somehow our feeling of discontent is appeased.  It is the same for the housewife who spends all her day, mothering the children taking care of all the things that needs to be taken care of sometimes forgetting herself.  If at the end of the day, she can't share all her burdens to her husband, then the relationship will slowly deteriorate.  The same is true for a husband who's burdened by the fact that he needs to provide for his family and comes home to a house where he can't share his concerns.  The same is true for Senior Police Inspector Rolando Mendoza.  He was a family man with three children, a decorated police officer who was dismissed of bribery charges.  While he may have been guilty of the charges filed against him, it also does not excuse the courts' delay in settling the case.  While the case was pending, his life stopped, he can't find job and it must have been really a personal torture for his life to be unfolding the way it was considering that he was an achiever.

Senior Police Inspector Rolando Mendoza was charged of robbery, extortion and grave threats by a manila hotel chef after he was accused by five other police officers of using drugs to extort money from him.  Mendoza was fired 2009 but he claimed that he was innocent.  The case apparently took a snail pace which in a way is another way of not being listened to.  Ultimately, it ended in 9 fatalities including the hostage taker himself.  How sad could that be?...

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