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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let's Get Physical...

I used to attend a regular Taebo class when i was yet single. When i got married at 32, i was blessed to be pregnant immediately(after the marriage he he) and so it's just sort of a natural slide to inactivity.  I did walking though as everyone was telling me to walk to have an easier labor.  After 3 kids, it just seemed so hard to have other activities apart from my children, not that i resent spending my time with them. 

Lately though, i really think that i needed exercise to add to my daily regimen in order to be healthy.  I work behind a desk for 8 hours and my waist has expanded to 33 inches and my weight to 122.  Just a month or two after giving birth , i was actually happy that i tipped the scale at only 120 and so i targetted to have my weight back at 115.  Five pounds is not that difficult to lose right? Wrong... 

Two weeks ago, I resolved to be physically active again.  To motivate myself, i bought myself a rubber shoes, an exercise get -up, downloaded a fun hip hop abs video and a badminton racket.  The hip hop abs dance video which i got from is fantastic not to mention that it's free.  It has a 20 minutes segment and a 40 minutes segment to it's up to you to choose the length of your work-out.

The dunlop badminton racket i bought costs me only 520 and it's already a pair.  It's already a steal considering how expensive badminton rackets are. I already used it in my first ever badminton play and it worked just fine.  We played at Yonex badminton court at Shaw and it was really a nice and clean place. We paid P530 pesos for the 3 of us for an hour.  If ever, I am going to upgrade my racket i'll probably get the same one pictured above.

I also want to buy a bag for me to look more athletic. bwa ha ha ha.  Right now, i'd settle for that back pack you get free when you purchase chocolates at duty free. Tee hee
I do my hip hop abs at least once a week or every chance i get a free time at home. Did i mention that i have to tutor my kids and read them to sleep and carry baby maggie on my arms until she falls to sleep. Yeah, that's how occupied i am when i get home. But i digress again...

So it should be easy to get that firm body now right? Hopefully... if i could just limit my sweets and get the same bod of Bar Rafaeli courtesy of Sports Illustrated! I might as well dream big dreams :)

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