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Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have a 6-years old who is already in grade 1.  During their kindergarten graduation, i was really amazed at how intelligent their class valedictorian was.  Intelligent in a way that he was able to recite a long valedictory address.  Of course, there are many levels of intelligence but just for this post i equate it with being able to read. I'm not sure if he can already read but he must have been able to read already. I know i should't compare but i am was really afraid that aj will be behind in class because of her difficulty in reading and i am such a poor teacher at home. I'd get easily frustrated when she doesn't concentrate and doesn't seem to absorb the lessons.  And so i enrolled her and my 4 year old at Kumon for reading.

The tuition per subject is 1,800 and kumon only offers tutorials for math and reading.  The enrolment is a one-time fee of 500 and additional 100 for the ID.  All the worksheets are already included in the monthly tuition fee which is payable every 25th of the month.  No payment means no worksheets.  For pre-schoolers, the schedule is 3x a week depending on the availability of the slots.  Parent's orientation is scheduled every last day of the month and is a must for every enrollee. Also bring your children with you for the diagnostic tests.

I have high expectations of kumon, let's see if the system really delivers.  Here's the address and contact numbers for you guys out there:

Kumon Shaw/Wackwack Center
2/f W Brown Bldg
Shaw blvd., cor S. Laurel St
Mandaluyong City
tel no. 718-0250

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