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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Men like it hot!

I don't get this. We raise our daughters to be modest and yet men prefer the sexy ones, those that show off more skin than what is modest by filipino standards and label them hot.  Apparently, our bachelor president is the same.  No offense meant to all sexy ladies ha, i do think that every woman wants to be sexy.  I just don't get it perhaps because I am not a man.
 Is this Barbie Palagos who was supposedly the President's date?

While it maybe true that he has the pick of the litter since he is still single, he should have been more considerate towards the feelings of her former girlfriend and her family.  As it is right now, to be seen in public to dating supposedly one Barbie Palagos is such a public renunciation of her relationship with the beautiful  and smart Shalani Soledad.  He could just invite Barbie Palagos for dinner at malacanang, then maybe after a period of time when everybody has accepted her break up with Shalani then that will be the time that he can parade his new conquest in public.  If Noynoy is used to the scandals caused by his sister Kris Aquino, then he should have spared Shalani's who seems to be a very nice and private person.  I can just imagine what Shalani goes through during council meetings.  Everybody will be whispering, giving her pitying looks.  It is such an unkind act for President Noy and for once, i regretted having endorsed him.  Not that my single vote would matter.  But there may be others who are feeling the same way that i do. Truly.  I figured if you can't spare your ex-girlfriend with kindness, you would probably be not my kind of president. I think he will have a backlash of public opinion especially coming from the women population.

He is an old bachelor who does not seem able to hold on to a relationship although there were many women linked to him in the past like korina sanchez, bernadette sembrano, diana zubiri, barbara milano.  Even now certain names have risen linking him to Patricia Ann Roque and Liz Uy who is said to be personally liked by Kris Aquino. But some of these are just conjectures.  Really,  I guess without Cory Aquino telling him, he probably was just excited to date once again and discarded Shalani.  Me thinks, he no longer had feelings for Shalani even before the election but it would not help him win if he breaks up with Shalani who seemed to be favored and loved by the public.

Oh well, to each his own.


  1. mukhang hindi yan. artista yan. sya yata ung sa east of eden.

  2. i am a woman and i feel for shalani... how can someone be dating again so soon after he has just broken someone's heart?? and publicly at that! ur right, he could have just invited her to malacanang instead of going to a public place. how can you, PNoy, be so insensitive over women's feelings?? no wonder ur relationships didn't last long! u don't explicitly admit to the public u broke up with shalani but here u are publicly dating. what's wrong with u??

  3. and by the way, PNoy, there are better red wine brands than Hardy's! nakakabulag ang Hardy's alam mo ba??! at least you have better taste in women than in wine.

  4. "Lustful men like it hot" may be a better title

    Noynoy's dad, Senator Ninoy, fell in love to the same women, (Cory) "3 times". His mum (P-Cory)was faithful even after his dad was martyred and waited to meet him in heaven.


  5. @anonymous thanks for your suggestion.
    You maybe correct and i am not going to debate that point. Lust as defined by is uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or appetite. I am not privy to P-noy's person so i have no idea and i prefer giving him the benefit of the doubt. Sexual desire is normal, but uncontrolled and illicit sexual desire just isn't good in a relationship. It takes a certain kind of man or woman to withstand that in his/her partner.