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Friday, October 22, 2010

New Toys

Am not normally the type to indulge on technology purchase right there and then. For one, gadgets usually are expensive and they need to be budgetted first unless there's a zero percent interest offer through credit cards. But this time, i have been influenced by my techie officemates that these babies give value for money.

Going out of towns on weekends is a luxury we can only indulge every once in a while.  Being a family of seven including the two yayas, it is mighty expensive for us to do it on a weekly basis however much we want to. Heck, even just going to the mall with the kids and the yaya in tow is already a drain for us.  So in buying these gadgets, i was really able to save at the same time make use of the internet to download high quality movies  so that we need not leave the house on weekends.

This is an hdmi cable.  I am not geeky so i won't be able to give you technical specifications.  Suffice it to say that when you watch high definition movies, this one will really make it worth your while.  Normally when you watch animations or movies not design for the big screen, the images become pixelated, meaning you will see the squares on the images.  With this hdmi cable, you won't see them.  You will be able to watch nemo in all his orange unpixelated glory!

This red baby is a 500 gb external drive which costs around 3.5k.  The girls are having a ball watching all the barbie movies, disney and pixar animations i was able to download because everything fits in here with lotsa space for the tv series that i am watching at the moment as well as the hd quality adult movies.

This one is the thing that allows every type of media to be played directly straight from being downloaded from the internet without need of having to convert. It is a media player by western digital. All in all, this purchase sets me back for about 10k.

Together with your lcd tv, who needs the big screen when you can watch picture perfect movies in the confines of your home right? All we've got to do is load up on snacks and save up for that next out-of-town vacation!

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