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Saturday, February 16, 2013

When Dreams Are These Scary

I woke up these morning coughing. I remember dreaming that i was in a beach house with my daughters. At first the see was so calm and then on the horizon i saw a bunch of white clouds hovering near the surface of the sea and getting to us a little bit faster. They seem to have little feet to prance on the water and come to us. At first , i said it looks like a scene from the life of pi where the sea was so calm and then a tsunami just hit us but miraculously we were not harmed. Acting out fast, i grabbed my 3 daughters and walked out of the beach house and ran inwards towards higher ground. When i look back i saw that there was going to be another monstrous wave coming towards us that when i saw a tree house, i sent my 2 eldest scampering towards the tree house and slung over my shoulder maggie so we could climb faster. When we got to the top, i could not remember where my cellphone was so i could call my husband who was waiting on the other side of the street. I was going to tell him where we were so he wouldn't worry. That's when i saw 2 glasses of water and that i just notice that the tree house was already occupied by kids who seemed to be eating and moments later their father went up and brought food. I woke up shortly after that because i seemed to be so tired from running and i was coughing.

I certainly hope, that dream was just a product of watching too many movies. I was certainly shaken to the point that i'm blogging about it. It is scary having to face calamities or life threatening situations with only you and your children. Oh well, God is mightier than all these fears. So, i won't think about that kind of dream any more and just lift it all to The Almighty.

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