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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rebond experience at Freshaire

June 24, 2011

The sporadic rain brought about by tropical storm Falcon brought down my office building's main circuit breaker and so we did not have power.  We also did not subscribe to the generator's service so we  really can't do anything.  As I was the only one who went in early, i texted my officemates and my boss kindly replied that I should go home anymore since nobody really intended to work that day.  Typhoon tends to make everyone lazy.

And so this could be the oppurtunity to have my hair done, as in rebond.  Rebonding takes at least 5 hours and the mall was still closed so i had breakfast at Jollibee.  Better to put food in my tummy first, there's no telling what time I would have lunch. So I had this:

The only question i asked the hairdresser was if the products they are using was free of formaldehyde.  They said only Loreal is free of that and so I went with that.

I should have posted a before and after photo no? I will have to find two in my chest of photos and post it in here.  The attendant(forgot the name again since this post was several days late) was really nice and very thorough with her services.  Nice one.

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