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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Marciano Lagria aka Lolo Anoy

I am not a direct descendant. Lolo Anoy as he was fondly called was the older brother of my paternal grandmother.  He was a handsome man but more than that he was a good man. He brought up very fine daughters, women i admired even when it's at a distance. When I think of him, I think of happier times because every time I see him it was always in Bohol where for me was always where my childhood vacations were spent. In fact when my grandparents were alive, he would always come by our house and just chat a bit with my Lola or when Yaya Ladie was sick , i remembered he would go into Yaya's room and ask how she was doing and comfort her. He never did talk to me for long, it was just pangumusta.  But I value those snippets of conversation and memories because i felt I belonged to a bigger family.  It was always comforting to have grandparents, at least in my experience.

When my Lola Bene' and Lolo Juan and Yaya Ladie was still alive, I still can feel the filial bond that ties me with Bohol.  I still feel it now although not as much as it was before. Somehow over the years, and the passing of these three people whom i love has diminished my affinity for Bohol.  Because the happiest parts of my childhood, the vacation parts were spent almost always with them, in Bohol. It's a sad thing really because I still know some people back there and they are my extended family, one way or another. And now Lolo Anoy is gone also.  So at least for me an era was gone with his passing. Wala nay katigulangan sa Bohol.

Rest in Peace Lolo Anoy..

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