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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So it's 2am and i got up to pee and noticed that the pipes were vibrating due to strong water pressure. Indeed, the pressure's too strong that it made our outside faucet come off and spouted water into the bahaykubo thus temporarily flooding the area.

That's the trouble of not knowing where to turn the water off. Thankfully, i possessed enough sense of turning off the water supply at the main line near the water meter. And to think i was apprehensive of opening the gate because you can never trust to open your gates at unholy hours. You never know of bad elements lurking out there. Yeah, like robbers, etc. But i didn't have a choice because the water meter is outside our gate. Thankfully, there seems to be nobody around. Well, there was these 2 motorcycles ridden by 2 teens riding in tandem that passed by after we already closed the gate. Whew, thank God.

Anyway, i will be buying that thingy that will permanently shut the excess faucet outside that bursted out. And i'll probably the one to do the attaching myself. At any rate, i am just glad that our little problem is caused by an abundance of water instead of the lack of it.

I actually am getting to be a handywoman. Which reminds me, i need to take the car for an oil change or whatever it is that fixes dark smoke coming out of the tailpipe.

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