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Sunday, July 17, 2011

One more time UCPB

In an earlier post, I wrote about how customer service sucks at UCPB-San Miguel branch. A few months after having blogged about it, a bank officer called me up and apologized. So it was forgotten already but what's definitely good about it is that there is now a change to how they process over the counter withdrawal concerning accounts opened at other branches and withdrawn from another.  I haven't actually gone back to UCPB-San Miguel since UCPB-shangrila is more convenient for me now. 

When I went to UCPB-Shangrila to make an over the counter withdrawal, it took me less than 15 minutes less when there's fewer people. Apparently, they already view signatures online and only asks for two valid identification cards and presto you get what you came for. They did away with faxing the withdrawal slip to your branch to verify the signature or waiting for the confirmation to be faxed back. Major major improvement in processing time! And by the way, the tellers are more approachable in a way that they don't look too pretty, too made up  or too snobbish that intimadates you from asking questions about your account. Well, it matters to me that tellers should be approachable! They hardly serve with a smile but as long as they are polite and attends to my needs immediately, that's enough for me.

There's just one thing that noticed my attention though: last week when i went there, an old lady asked the UCPB guard his name before going out. Apparently, the lady got miffed because the guard has a habit of looking over the shoulder of customers filling out forms.  Guards should really not do that even when their intention is to be available just in case the customers need help.  Keep a respectful distance. Customers will ask if and when they need help.

So anyway, I am more than satisfied with how UCPB-Shangrila serves.

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