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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hot Chocolate and Puto Maya

I just found the greatest bargain at Market Market today. At the basement supermarket where the merienda food stalls were located, there is a stall that sells a glass of hot chocolate for 7 pesos and a serving of puto maya for the same price. So with only 14 pesos, i am transported to iligan market where i used to get up early in the morning to eat puto maya with chocolate.  It's delicious too, truly a bargain.  A glass of hot choco at dunkin donuts costs no less than 30 pesos.

There's nothing like puto maya and chocolate to remind me my other home in Iligan and still another in Bohol. I always stock up on tablea because we eat champorado on weekend mornings.  It has become a tradition that i started ever since we've relocated here.  I think it's good to have traditions, especially one that unites every one at the table. Champorado is easy to do but Puto Maya is not as easy so am just happy that Market Market is just a stone throw away.

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