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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random thougts

Sometimes while waiting in line at kfc, I get bits of wisdom disguised as random thoughts. So am thinking its gonna be lonely when my parents will leave for Iligan. And the thought brings a hint of melancholy and the threat of tears. But am in a middle of a frenzy meal ordering mass, so the threat subsides.

But we move on, we always do. Perhaps the moving on takes sometime for some, others do not dwell on it that there never was evidence that we miss the presence of love ones.

Who was it who said "parting is such a sweet sorrow?" Hits the nail right on the head. Growing up entails a lot of going away and coming back, ending somethings and starting new ones,knowing what can be done and admitting that you have done all you could.

Why this thoughts? I'd really want my parents to stay with us on a longer basis. But the family home is in Iligan and my place is with the husband. And tumoultous it may be living here in the big city, I can say that I am where I should be and happy to be. But, yeah I will miss my parents.

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  1. Excuse the error, blogging from the blackberry. Until I will get hold of a desktop..