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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let there be Sun

When we transferred to our "New" home, we were shopping for a reliable internet connection.  We initially applied with PLDT's MyDSL but we were told that there is no spot yet available in our area, the same response that we got from Globe.  We did try Wi-tribe, they allowed us to bring home a kit overnight for us to try but because it was Holy Week we had the option to returned it Saturday morning. We had 3-days to try if we have good signal but there was absolutely none.

When we went to Edsa Shangrila to return the Wi-tribe kit, we passed by Sun's store.

 We immediately signed up, brought the unit home and now we have become Sun subscribers, at least for the internet. It's not as fast as we want it to be, but it will have to do for the meantime.  It allows us surfing sites, social networking, some online gaming, a bit of downloading for P799 per month.

Some of the photos i took while waiting for them to verify my credit card which took so long we ended up paying cash anyway.

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