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Friday, April 17, 2009

ucpb customer service

Yesterday, i went to ucpb-san miguel branch to checked whether my replacement atm card is already available. I didn't think of calling first because the last time i was there to apply, i was told that the card will be available 3 days after application. Since they already know that my main account is at Iligan, i assumed that the 3 days waiting period still applies. I applied march 3o, when i went there i was told that my card was not yet available. In addition, if i wanted to claim my card at ucpb-smc, i need to write address to ucpb-iligan requesting that the card be forwarded to ucpb-smc. They didn't tell me when i applied, only when i went there again to claim.

Since, i have bills to pay i needed to make an over-the-counter withdrawal. I filled-up a withdrawal slip, gave 120 pesos as bank charge for inter-branch withdrawals which by the way i didn't get any receipt and was made to wait for more than an hour. The first time that i made an over-the-counter withdrawal, i was also made to wait for the same amount of time except that i didn't sit it out at the bank because i have my two children with me and both are hungry and are starting to be restless. Anyway, i called up an officemate at Iligan if she could follow up ucpb-iligan. Not contented, i even called up ucpb-iligan myself to follow-up the faxed withdrawal slip. The reply i received was that they didn't received any fax from ucp-smc, only to be disputed by a bank officer at ucpb-smc by showing me a report of all fax messages sent.

I don't know where their bottlenecks are but i assume that the bank charge i paid for the interbranch transaction should have been enough payment for the telephone calls they are going to incur to follow up these transactions. If i had been a valued depositor, i probably will get a more prompt service. But i'm not so.... think you only get lousy service from government offices.

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