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Monday, April 6, 2009


What does it mean to be sincere? Isn't it to be true to your word, to be honest of intention, to be steadfast in your promises?

Could sincerity exist in gray areas? Like either you sincerely believe in the right course of action and hate the wrong one or vice versa but not both?

Can a man be sincere in his intentions towards a girl when he is already married to somebody else? Could you use "falling out of love" as a reason to be sincere.

Could you equate sincerity as a character to someone who lies frequestly?

Could a man still be a good person even though he is insincere in some aspects of his life? Yes, i find this to be true. I personally know someone who can lie so easily without remorse, for his personal gain. I never approve of that kind of behavior and so often he appears evil to me. And yet, in some aspects of his life he is still a good person. He is kind, selective maybe. He is such an enigma to me.

Perhaps, if words aren't so reliable when it comes to determining the sincerity of a person, the better indicator is probably his action.

Oh well, i am such a straightforward type of person to me. I wonder if somebody doubts my sincerity?This is the only gift i receive with the sincerest intention and this one from my daughter.

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