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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Montevista Hotspring Resort

The very first weekend in manila, we went to montevista resort in laguna. I like swimming there because unlike Timoga spring where it's really cold, there at montevista, the water is just right for nighttime and even for daytime swimming. The place does not have the ambience of most resort but rather it's just a place where's a lot of swimming pool and very much accessible to the public so expect a lot of people sharing the pool. My kids age 4 and 2 enjoyed the pool.

Taken just after waking up at the family room, we had our breakfast at Max's montevista. Although, you can bring your own food and you pay a certain amount for the corkage. There's a grilling area.

Most of the rooms are located at the second floor, and so we have to carry our own bags although there are resort employees who are more than willing to carry them all for you.

The view at the back of the resort was Mt. Makiling. I wouldn't have known if i didn't take the time to lift the curtains. In contrast to the warm water, the air was cold.

Inside, our room was a sunken pool where the water is also hot and you'll have all the privacy you want.

My two babies who are always excited to jump into any body of water. I bought the itsy bitsy teeny yellow-not-polka-dot bikini for aj. If truth be told, i would have wanted to wear that but..

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