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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Old world...Vigan

dateline: vigan, ilocos sur

We arrive at vigan around 9pm. Even at night, one can see the old houses lining up the main streets of vigan. We would have wanted to checked at the Heritage hotel but it was fully booked so we decided instead at El Juliana. There was parking and swimming pool and the rooms eventhough it was small was enough for us. He paid 2,800 for a king size bed plus 2 extra beds. The facade was old indeed, like those you can see in spanish era. The interior was also old, at least in the lobby and the hallways. The rooms are modern enough. Breakfast are free but not appetizing, at least the filipino set.
Uching said, the houses are the stuff of horror movies. When i woke up around 3am, i wouldn't have gotten up from bed but i could not anymore control the need to take a pee so i bravely went to the cr, carefully avoiding not looking at the mirror. The airconditioner was noisy, i thought someone was scratching our walls. I didn't turn the lights back off.
I think that Vigan is the place of the very rich during those times. The houses are just plain big. One wonders where all the poor are concentrated. Bessang Pass is a tricky mountain trail bordering the mountain province and ilocos sur even now. Back then, during Rizal's time and even during the japanese occupation, one wanders how big was japan's invading army if they were able to penetrate such difficult places. My mind wanders again...
We attended easter sunday mass at vigan cathedral. The church also is old and like most old churches, there was variety of antique sculptures of saints and the Holy Trinity. The sound system is not that good. We left Vigan around 12 noon and had our lunch was take-outs from mc donalds. The trip to manila was a sight for sore eyes. I have to give credits to him for being such a good adventurer, driver,provider,etc. The trip wouldn't have been possible if not for his can-do attitude. Indeed it's one of his endearing traits. Thanks be to God for a a holy week full of appreciation for His wonderful creations.


  1. i was also in ilocos that week. too many tourists! it's better to go there on regular weekends. :)

    i just dropped by.

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