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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bontok, Mountain Province

dateline : bontok, Mountain ProvinceSaturday, April 11, 2009
I am overwhelmed with so much calm. Waking up and seeing the mountain with a mist hovering over its peak can do that to me. Going outside just to feel the air really made my teeth chatter. It's been a long time since i saw a mountain with mist and my teeth chatter over cold air. When we spent a night in Bagiuo in 2007, i didn't notice the mountains at all, the cold sure. What registered to me was the houses that took over most of the mountain side.
Here, you can't help but notice the mountains. Bontoc is a plateau. It is flatlands sorrounded by mountains on all side. The trip from Baguio to Bontok was long and winding. I think the beatles wrote this song for this particular piece of road. Magnificent is truly a word to describe God's creation. You would not know what i am talking not unless you will experience it first hand. The roads are in good condition except for some rough patches due to road slips and cuts, mostly in sabangan. One thing is true though, the roads are itched into the side of the mountains so that all throughout your trip, you will feel like one slip and you will fall all the way way way down. It's cliff driving all the way to Bontoc. He is one fine driver and the fortuner is one fine suv. Me, I am just plain cold. I am wearing short shorts, our clothes wet because the galloon containing our water came undone during our trip and we only discovered it halfway before reaching sabangan.

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