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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Barasoain Church

I had ambitious plan for Maundy thursday. I was going to suggest to him that we visit old churches. Infact, i already made a list of all the churches:
1. Malate church - Nuestra Senora de los Remedios
2. Manila Cathedral
3. San Agustin church - Church of St. Paul
4. Quiapo church - Minor basilica of the Black Nazarene
5. Twin churches of Bustillos - the St. Anthony of Padua shrine and Our Lady Of Loreto(church of Sampaloc)
6. Binondo church
7. San Beda church - Abbey of Our Lady of Monserrat
8. San Sebastian Church
9. San Vicente de Paul church
10. Mt. Carmel church in new manila
11. Santisimo ROsario Parish aka UST chapel
12. ST. Andrews in makati
13. Sto. Domingo church in Quezon City
14. Church wiiht the bamboo organ in Las Pinas
and a lot more not forgetting St. Francis church in Ortigas.
Wednesday night was fight night. Harsh words were exchanged and i was deeply hurt by what was said. There was nothing new to it except that having heard it again at a time when i expected that he would mellow down after exerting effort to please him and not getting what i wanted, at the same time persistent doubts in my head on why he was not answering my calls, really blow me off.
I made resolutions that night. Early thursday morning, i visited St. Francis church and just sat there at the back pew crying. I would have wanted to do the station of the cross but i don't have a guide so i ended up doing a personal prayer. After that exhaustive silence, i decided i to go to edsa central market to do some marketing.After,reaching the condo, they were still asleep and i also went asleep.
Later that day, he decided that we go to Laoag and so we packed our bags and went. I was just silent all through out this time even when he asked me whether we should go to baguio or to laoag, what i would like to eat. I only talked when i asked him during one of our stop if we could possiby visit barasoain church in malolos. And so we exited through tabang and looked for the famous barasoain church.
Upon reaching the church, we marveled at the various saints ready for procession. We lighted candles.We took some time to pray. We took pictures. I am happy to have visited this church. My maundy thursday has certainly improved. Thanks be to God.

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