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Friday, April 3, 2009


I thought coming to live here would help sort out whatever it is between us. Indeed,we live in the same place but no two other person could have been more apart than us. You don't talk to me and if you do there's always anger beneath your words. It's as if merely talking to me angers you so much, that it takes so much of your self control to conceal it but unable to do so. Why,
what have I done to deserve it? In your mind, I am already guilty of a crime i don't even know i committed.

You once said that i betrayed your trust. In what way? I am always faithful to you. Never did I commit inappropriate acts that would bring shame to you. Not like you did. You say a lot of things and promises even more without care that you hurt me everytime your word just came empty.

Is there a point to all of my efforts? Or should i just give up.

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