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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Our flight(cebu pacific air flight 5j392) to manila is a good one except for the fact that we were on air for about 30 minutes more than the expected flight because of some activities on the ground that kept us circling above manila. Circling is my term, i didn't quite catch the exact terminology that the captain used. It must have been a thrill for some who love flying but it was not for me. It wasn't also the first time that it happened to me. i also experienced it with philippine airlines. there was also the time when we were already on air for about 15 minutes give or take but we were told that we have to return to cagayan de oro because a baggage was included in our plane but the passenger did not board. they probably think, it was a terroristic act. oh well, no matter the delay, safety is always the primary concern.

what didn't go well with me though was that there wasn't transportation available to bring the passengers from the tarmac to the entrance of the arrival area which is no sweat at all if you're doing your early morning exercise but quite a walk if you're travelling with two cranky toddlers who want to take a pee, and handcarried baggage,all done walking under the sweltering heat of the sun. And i had to carry my youngest also. I'm not sure if airlines are required to do that, you know, provide transportation, and for what minimum distance, but i would have appreciated that gesture, along with those who have the same difficulty as i did. You can take away the free paper, the snack but at least allow us to be comfortable not only upon deplaning but also until we are able to claim our baggage in the arrival area. i guess, that's why they are able to give low airfares, they have to cut back on some service.

i sure hope it's not on maintenance and safety...

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