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Monday, April 6, 2009


The day after valentine, mama and i did our usual walk at the city hall. That's when i saw this banner. Apparently, city officials thought it good to promote moral recovery through appreciation of certain character traits for the month. For february, they thought it Forgiveness is appropriate.

Ever since i can remember, i have always been able to forgive. There were instances in the past when i have been reduced to tears due to the insentive acts of others. Of course, i was hurt. I may have been anger for quite a time but never did i withheld forgiveness even when it wasn't asked of me. Sure, my dealings with those who have hurt me may have changed but i remain respectful of them even when they don't deserve it.
And so, i found it so hard to understand why somebody who professed to love and honor me, would be unable to forgive me for something that i may have committed. Having said that, it is probably fair to say that whatever love that person may have felt towards me isn't the type that is lasting and committed. If i am able to forgive him of his faults no matter how hurting it may have been to me, he should also be able to overlook my faults.
But no, he sulks.And he goes home late everynight from work. Never mind, that the only reason why we are in the big city is because of him. I try so hard at controlling myself so that whatever provocation he throws my way, i try not to get angry. If one refuses to fight, there will be no fighting right? I don't know how long i can stand him like this. I'm giving him all the chance to hurt me with his insensitivity. Maybe, when i can't stand his treatment of me anymore, I will be able to say enough is enough, and i will be able to walk away without looking back. He is probably hoping that i will give up on him. I don't know anymore what he wan'ts. If we fail, he may will be the first person that I will find the hardest to forgive. The second could be me. But i'm not giving up yet...

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