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Friday, April 3, 2009

Banned cellphone use

I would like to commend Pampanga Rep. Aurelio Gonzales Jr. who is the author of Bill 1625, and Representatives Irwin Tieng, Rene Velarde and Ma. Carissa Coscolluela of the party-list group Buhay for introducing Bill 4917. Both measures seek to prohibit the use of mobile phones for making, receiving or sending calls or text messages while driving.

A cell phone can be very distracting. And besides no phone call is that important. And even if it is, the driver can always chose to pull over in order to talk. That way he is being very responsible with the use of his vehicle and his cellphone. Accidents often involved not only the one causing it but also others who are merely on the same place at the same time that the accident happened.

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